If you’re feeling underpaid and overworked, you probably are: wages for typical U.S. workers still haven’t recovered from the Great Recession, even as working Americans continue to put in long hours. But a long-awaited update to the federal rules on overtime pay may finally bring relief. The...
At Real Clear Markets, Brookings' Gary Burtless argues that the median income stagnation picked up by the Census' Current Population Survey might not actually be happening. In support of his argument, Burtless offers the following evidence: GDP growth, consumption growth, and unemployment decline...
We probably don’t need to be reminded that the economy is a critical problem. Yet the nation’s political conversation still founders on the question of what it is about the nation’s economic performance that is holding back the middle class and people trying to work their way into it. Into the fray...
One of my pet peeves about the coverage surrounding the plight of young people in America is that it focuses heavily, and at times exclusively, on how well recent college graduates are doing. Why people focus on this is a mystery to me. I suspect it is because the chattering classes are almost all...
Other Demos writers have been doing great work thinking about job quality, and ways to raise retail and service sector wages. I would like to broaden the focus a bit to include buying power, not just nominal wages. Bigger paychecks are great, but bigger paychecks alone won't make people...
Is the problem in America today that workers are too powerful in comparison with the corporations that employ them? Are our wages too high? Do too many of us have health coverage and retirement plans? If so, then the bill just passed by the Indiana House of Representatives offers a solution:...
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