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Strong voter participation and engagement are fundamental to a healthy democracy.  Efforts to restrict access to voting fly in the face of this important goal.  Alarmingly, despite another midterm election in which nationally only 41 percent of eligible persons voted, many...
Dear Attorney General Holder, We are concerned about the restrictive voter identification legislation pending or already signed into law in a number of states.  Download the PDF to continue reading.
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Just remember: A grand total of 235 people voted to make Wade Emmert the new chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. But 33,000-and-still-rising have now watched his rival Debbie Georgatos's film-school thesiscampaign video on YouTube -- and far more saw it last...
Republicans cite the measures as protection against voter fraud, while Democrats and voting rights groups say the bills would disproportionately keep away young people and minorities, and say they are aimed at blocking ballot access for core Democratic voters. In 2008, for example, Barack Obama...
Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina are other states where the GOP won new legislative or gubernatorial seats and where photo ID plans soon could become law. So are classic battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where such efforts would have been long shots at best...
"It's unbelievable, probably half the states in the country have bills in play and more than a dozen are seriously in the pipeline," Tova Wang of the left-leaning think tank Demos told TPM in an interview. "It's really unprecedented in terms of geographic scope. I've never seen anything...
Among the other states taking up the issue are Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas and Ohio. In all four of those states, Republicans advanced their Voter ID bills last week. Those states look to join the eight states that require photo ID and the 19 that require some form of ID, according to the ...
"It's near the top of their to do list and with an overwhelming Republican majority in the state Legislature, Voter IDs could finally become a reality in Texas. But opponents have vowed to not give up without a fight. We talked to State Representative Debbie Riddle and Tova Wang a...
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