New Brief Shows Young Americans Need Wall Street Reform Washington — Young Americans face "lasting damage" from the dual crises in the financial sector and in personal finance, making it urgent that Congress pass strong financial reform legislation. Risking Our Future Middle Class: Young...
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Until people start working, the economy won't. The aftermath of the financial blowout has left employers hesitant about hiring permanent workers. Consumers are buying again, but with high unemployment, flat wages, depressed pensions, and depleted home equity, they aren't buying enough. Managers are...
Why do today's young adults face steeper financial challenges than their parents did? Ohio's young adults are coming of age in a tough economy, ravaged by a deep recession and further damaged by 30 years of declining opportunity and security for all but the most highly educated and affluent....
Policy Analyst Viany Orozco points out that for those who enter the workforce for the first time during a recession, the wage hit can last for many years down the road. GritTV with Laura Flanders
America's poor are being priced out of a market flush with excess eatables. It's an abomination we can fix. The U.S. government's official poverty line in 2008 was $10,590 for a single person, $13,540 for a couple, $16,530 for a family of three, and $21,203 for a family of four. And the Census...
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