student loans and bankruptcy

I value what my dad thinks about things like romance and politics, but I avoid talking to him about education. The university of his memory is generous and forgiving; the student-debt-financial complex of my current experience is not. Example: he could've discharged his education debt in bankruptcy...
Last week you may have seen my brother Dave grimacing on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. He was the posterboy for Peter Coy's cover story, "Student Loans: Debt for Life," about the more than $1 trillion in student loan debt owed by US borrowers. The article provided a sobering look at the...
Cities and counties across America are facing fiscal collapse. Even Warren Buffet thinks so.  But Wall Street, especially the rating agencies, are ignoring the realities. So, for that matter are Obama and Romney. It's coming and it won't be pretty. Things like control boards and municipal...
The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday that Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois has been holding hearings on the Fairness for Struggling Students Act, which would allow student loan debt from private lenders to be forgiven during bankruptcy proceedings. It's not hard to get why this legislation is a...
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