Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act

(Photo courtesy Bureau Blank) OU SE PLIS PASE ESKÒ KREDI OU.  I can’t read the words either. But for the more than 100,000 New York City residents who speak Haitian Creole, it represents the City’s commitment to inform New Yorkers – all New Yorkers – of their rights. In this case, their right...
Discrimination has no place in New York City. The City’s Human Rights Law is one of the strongest bodies of civil rights law in the nation, and the City Council and Mayor have taken bold action to update it to address emerging forms of discrimination. So it’s entirely appropriate that New York City...
When employers check credit as part of their hiring it creates a vicious cycle: out-of-work Americans can’t pay down their debts because they don’t have a job, but they can’t get a job because would-be employers hold their consumer credit history against them.   The practice becomes even more...
The steps of New York’s City Hall were crowded this morning. New Yorkers shut out of a job by employment credit checks spoke out and told their stories, expressing hope that New York City would build on its recent success banning discrimination against the unemployed in hiring to also put an...
"I served in the military for 30 years and received the highest level security clearances," said Brooklyn resident and war veteran Emmett Pinkston.  "Yet I was turned down for a job as a TSA baggage screener, because of a bogus charge on my credit report.  I found myself stuck at a low...
The students assembled outside Borough of Manhattan Community College yesterday morning were indignant. “Students are juggling college expenses and family obligations,” declared student government representative Shadae Blair, “one reason we seek an education is to get ahead in...
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