Same-Day Registration

When Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) in 1993, its goals were to “increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote in elections for Federal office” and “protect the integrity of the electoral process.”Yet, while most states created effective programs for mail-...
Turnout Increases of 5 to 10 Percent Possible Under Legislation Currently Before Statehouse Boston, MA — Voter participation in Massachusetts will significantly increase if the state passes Election Day Registration (EDR) into law, according to a new report published today by national public policy...
Press Release
We have analyzed the likely impact of adoption of Election Day Registration (EDR) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Consistent with existing research on the impact of EDR in other circumstances, we find that EDR would likely lead to substantial  increases in voter turnout. We are...
Testimony of Demos Democracy Program Director Stuart Comstock-Gay before the Nebraska Legislature's Government, Military, and Veterans' Affairs on Election Day Registration.
Authors R. Michael Alvarez (California Institute of Technology) and Jonathan Nagler (New York University) have analyzed the likely impact on voter turnout should Hawaii adopt Election Day Registration (EDR). Under the system proposed in Hawaii, eligible voters who miss the 30-day deadline for...
Testimony of Democracy Program Director Stuart Comstock-Gay before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature.
With the governor Chet Culver's pen stroke, Iowa became the eighth state in the nation to extend the franchise to otherwise eligible citizens who had not yet registered to vote at the close of voter registration deadlines. This report recounts the successful implementation of Election Day...
To assess the validity of assertions that enactment of Election Day Registration results in administrative complexity, implementation costs, and the potential for error or fraud, Demos conducted a telephone survey of local election officials in EDR states; Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire,...
Demos President Miles Rapoport delivers testimony on EDR before the U.S. House Administration Sub-committee on Elections, November 9, 2007                      
We have analyzed the likely impact on voter turnout should California adopt Election Day Registration (EDR). The availability of EDR procedures should give voters who have not previously registered or need to update their information the opportunity to vote. Consistent with existing research on the...
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