Rick Scott

In a surprising move from one of the Affordable Care Act's staunchest opponents, Florida Governor Rick Scott has endorsed the Medicaid expansion component of the healthcare law-- at least for the next three years. As the Hill points out, he's not the first governor to have changed his mind on the...
tUnE-yArDs in concert. Credit: Flickr/mehantUnE-yArDs, the musical project of musical progeny Merrill Garbus, took over New York City's Terminal 5 on Friday night.  Starting at 9:45 PM and ending after an energetic encore around 11, the group filled the room with drum loops, ukulele, bass,...
Today is World Water Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the role that fresh water resources play and underscoring the importance of sustainably managing these resources. Every person on the planet drinks between 2-4 litres (roughly 0.5-1 gallon) of water per day, most of which is embedded...
Sounding the alarm about climate change has long been an uphill battle because its effects can seem remote or too far in the future. Even if the planet is warming, skeptics say, how do we know that human activity is the cause and why should we care? Every year, though, comes more concrete evidence...
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