retail wages

Airports are doing it. Big retailers are doing it. Cities are getting in on the action too. Earlier this month, I even got to see the President of the United States do it. Raising wages for low-paid workers is shaping up to be the hot new trend – and the evidence suggests it will have powerful...
Retails sales surged by a solid 1.1 percent last month, and that's being hailed as great news. But great news for who, exactly?  Given the weak labor market, with millions still unemployed, it is unlikely that higher retail sales and profits will translate into higher wages for retail workers...
During the first half of the Twentieth Century, as America became an industrial power, the most important battles for labor rights unfolded at steel plants, coal mines, oil refineries, and at manufacturing plants around the country, particularly in the auto industry.  Heavy industry and...
In a properly working economy, a booming business would be good for everyone involved in building that business: shareholders, executives, and workers.    In a broken and dysfunctional economy, the shareholders and executives would get richer and richer while the workers lived in poverty...
Last week, Demos published a study on raising labor standards in the retail sector, "Retail's Hidden Potential." This week the New America Foundation published a paper by Demos Senior Fellow Robert Kuttner that also touches on low-wage work, "Economic Recovery and Social Investment." The post below...
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