With $485.9 billion in global revenue and 1.5 million employees in the U.S. alone, Walmart the corporation isn’t going away anytime soon. But this Thursday evening, I’ll argue that its business model – based on low pay, understaffing, and low respect for the employees that make the business...
Walmart is under scrutiny after claims that their political action committee is using illegal methods to persuade employees to donate to its PAC. The complaint, filed with the FEC, alleges that Walmart is breaking federal election law by matching employee donations to Walmart's PAC with a...
NEW YORK, NY – Today Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray caved to the ultimatum issued by Walmart and vetoed a living wage bill that was passed by the D.C. City Council. The bill would have required retailers with corporate sales of $1 billion or more and operating in spaces of 75,000 square feet or...
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Policy Analyst Catherine Ruetschlin was on the Regional News Network ahead of Black Friday to discuss how raising wages would benefit the overall economy.
Walmart maintains its low prices on the backs of workers. Reuters reports: Walmart Stores Inc's U.S. employees will pay between 8 and 36 percent more in premiums for its medical coverage in 2013, prompting some of the 1.4 workers at the nation's largest private employer to say they will...
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