Although the Paris Climate Deal certainly represents a step forward for the international community, there are still many potential pitfalls to addressing climate change. New data suggest that the overwhelmingly white donor class may be one such obstacle. Recently, political...
Across the country, many states are passing restrictions on the vote, particularly voter ID laws. In addition, conservative legislatures are looking to roll back affirmative voting reforms. Scholars have claimed that voter ID laws are, “highly partisan, strategic, and racialized affairs.” Other...
Over the weekend I read Lane Kenworthy’s Social Democratic America, a fantastic book that touches on a broad range of material in an academic, but brisk and readable fashion. It also has an extensive bibliography for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the issues he discusses. Matt Bruenig has...
The home mortgage crisis and Great Recession destroyed a generation of economic progress for African-American families. Now, reports the Washington Post, the discriminatory impact of credit scores and reports could cement the disadvantages into place for decades to come. To be clear, there’s...
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