This week expectant parents working in Washington DC have an extra reason to celebrate: on Tuesday, the City Council passed legislation  guaranteeing eight weeks of paid time for working parents to care for new baby or adopted child, as well as paid time to recover from illness or care for...
Under New York’s proposed paid family leave law, businesses won’t pay anything for the new family leave benefit. The program would be funded entirely by a small payroll deduction from each worker in the state. An insurance provider will pay the benefits out to workers. It’s certainly not the most...
Paid family leave is finally gaining steam in the United States. President Obama and the Democratic presidential candidates universally embrace the idea.  And while a conservative Congress may stymie federal action for years, states from New York to Colorado to Oregon are moving toward...
Seven years ago today, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act became the first piece of legislation that newly-inaugurated President Obama signed into law. The law restored protections against pay discrimination that had been restricted by a recent Supreme Court decision, making it easier for...
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