paid sick days in New York City

EMPLOYEES IN NYC CAN USE SICK LEAVE STARTING JULY 30. That’s the simple message New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs was spreading on street corners and subway stops this morning in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and four other languages common to the city. “NYC’s new paid sick leave law...
Staging imaginary competitions between cities and their elected leaders certainly makes for catchy headlines: “Step Aside, New York City. Los Angeles's Populism Is for Real” asserts the title of Nancy L. Cohen’s recent piece in the New Republic. “Later this month,” Cohen explains, “two [Los Angeles...
Come April 2014, New Yorkers will finally have the right to get sick. Thanks to a New York City Council vote last night overriding Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto, New York will become the largest city in the nation to guarantee paid sick days. It’s an important milestone, even for those of us...
The news broke last night: a deal to bring paid sick days to a vote in the New York City Council has been reached. As I noted in my recent testimony on the bill, paid sick time is far from a pie-in-the-sky idea. It is the law in 145 countries around the world as well as the state of...
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