money and politics

Matea Gold reports in today's Washington Post that more than $11 million in McCutcheon Money has already flowed into this year's mid-term congressional elections. That's money that can be directly attributed to the Supreme Court's most recent disastrous campaign finance ruling, McCutcheon v. FEC....
The New York Times recently published a great piece on fundraising by freshmen congressmen/women on the highly-coveted House Financial Services Committee. It included this surprisingly frank statement from an industry lobbyist: “It is almost like investing in a first-round draft pick for the N.B....
Are we ready for the next Citizens United? Can our democracy, and Americans’ faith in government, take another body blow from the Supreme Court? An unprecedented group of organizations with nearly 10 million members and supporters—representing small businesses, working families, young people,...
On January 1st of this year, 10 states raised their minimum wage. New Jersey, however, won’t be joining them. Chris Christie vetoed legislation that would have increased the state’s minimum wage to $8.50 per hour and also tie it to the consumer price index. Christie instead offered a...
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