Mitt Romney

A robust vice-presidential debate continued a noticeable trend in this election season: climate silence. As tracked by Climate Silence, a joint project of Forecast the Facts and Friends of the Earth Action, climate change has not been mentioned even once in either the Presidential or Vice-...
In the first presidential debate, one of Jim Lehrer’s “hard hitting and incisive” questions was to ask Governor Romney whether he thought any current regulation was “excessive.” In the response, Romney said the following: Dodd-Frank was passed. And it includes within...
There is no shortage of alarmism when it comes to corporate taxes. Earlier this year, Mitt Romney said that the U.S. tax code “looks like it was devised by our worst enemy to tie us in knots.” A more recent memo drafted by the Senate Republican Caucus claimed that...
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's father George Romney, former chairman of American Motors, on the cover of TIMEMitt Romney famously wrote an op-ed in the New York Times a few years back called, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” In it, he argued against the auto bailout by...
Super Tuesday has arrived and with it, so has the full might of the Super PACs. Ten states go to the polls today but all eyes are on Ohio, where former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney could add to the distance between him and the rest of the pack needed to solidify his claim on the nomination....
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