Martin Gilens

Unions are in the spotlight following the Supreme Court’s decision in Harris v Quinn that home healthcare workers are not "full-fledged" employees and therefore not required to pay agency fees. Jenn Borchetta has already written a legal analysis of the case, but it’s important to remember that...
The recent Scott Walker allegations have brought the question of money in politics post Citizen’s United to the forefront. At the Monkey Cage blog, Brandon Rottinghaus points to his research that, “as opposed to other kinds of scandals (sexual, etc.), political scandals like Walker’s are...
A new paper by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page sheds more light on the influence that elite economic interests have on policymaking and policy outcomes. Building on their previous work, Gilens and Page test the influence different interest groups- average citizens, economic elites and interest...
It's no secret that wealthy people have a lot more clout when it comes to politics and civic life. They are more likely to vote, contact their representatives, belong to advocacy organizations, and -- of course -- contribute to politicians, parties, and PACs. Compared to ordinary folks, many of the...
Equality is a funny thing in America. For the most part, Americans don't fret that much about economic inequality and yet are said to believe deeply in civic equality -- the idea that everyone should have an equal say in our democracy and be treated the same under the law, no matter how high or...
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