Lehman Brothers

Five years after the fall of Lehman Brothers and the worst financial crisis since 1929, one thing seems certain: another meltdown of the financial system will eventually happen. Why? Because we still haven't fixed many of the problems that led to the last crisis.  Here are six reasons another...
It’s the fifth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers this week and the US still hasn’t recovered. After an anemic recovery, in which per capita output failed to rebound as quickly it had previously, we remain far below our economic potential. A Dallas Fed letter, pictured above, reveals...
One of the main lessons of the financial crisis was that big banks -- along with a parallel "shadow banking system" -- had become too opaque, and that it was impossible to know the full scope of their risky behavior. Lehman Brothers, for example, hid billions of dollar in liabilities in the years...
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