Beth Simone Noveck and Carl Malamud are pushing the IRS to publicly disclose more data on tax-exempt groups, make it more accessible in electronic form, and to do so more promptly. Count me among the effort’s biggest cheerleaders. If this push succeeds, we'll have a better handle on a key sector in...
The Senate Finance Committee wrote an open letter last month to the rest of the Senate calling for tax code reform suggestions. The due date for proposals was this past week. Among other parts of the code, the charitable tax deduction faces potential overhaul. Under the current code...
The facts of the IRS case are complicated, but seem to boil down to a bunch of tone deaf civil servants doing a dumb thing, according to the findings of an internal probe by the Treasury Department. Regardless, though, it truly is alarming to imagine an IRS that targets some nonprofits for scrutiny...
As Saturday’s “technical release” from our chums at the Department of Labor reminds us, Obamacare will require all companies, small businesses excluded, to provide health insurance to those working 30 hours per week or more in 2014. Along with some noise the IRS is making about...
Eliza Carney has an interesting piece in Roll Call observing that in light of Congressional inaction, several federal agencies have now moved to center stage in the fight over unrestricted campaign money. While bills like DISCLOSE Act continue to be proposed, procedural bottlenecks and the current...
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