As protests resume on Wall Street, some in the media are again saying that there is no coherent rationale for the demonstrations. In fact, though, these protesters have chosen the right target: a set of institutions and actors who not only played a central role in creating the financial crisis,...
Bob Herbert explained on MSNBC's "Up w/Chris Hayes" that cutting food stamps is a cruel practice. Herbert pointed out that a disproportionally large number of food stamp beneficiares are children, especially minorities.
Senior Fellow David Callahan appeared on FOX News' "The O'Reilly Factor" with Laura Ingraham and Erica Payne to call for a fairer tax rate on millionaires.
NEW YORK – A new report reveals that African Americans remain disproportionately excluded from corporate and nonprofit board membership in New York City: Of the 697 directors that sit on the boards of the city’s 25 largest employers, only 5.7 percent are black. The study, by John Morning and...
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Distinguished Senior Fellow Robert H. Frank goes on The Majority Report to discuss the conflict over consumption and competition. Does competition contribute to progress? He explains Darwin’s role and the Progressive Consumption Tax, as well as his recent book The Darwin Economy.
Demos Senior Fellow Rich Benjamin goes on MSNBC's Up With Chris Hayes to discuss the social and political impact of the Trayvon Martin killing. Part Two of Rich Benjamin's appearance on Up With Chris Hayes Part Three of Rich Benjamin's appearance on Up With Chris Hayes
While the American economy has grown since the late 1980s, the benefits of that growth have largely bypassed middle- and low-income households. Between 1990 and 2010, the real average income of households in the middle fifth of the income distribution climbed to $49,309 from $48,161, an increase of...
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We know now that trickle-down economics doesn’t really work — the past decade in the United States has seen incomes at the very top soar, while the earnings of the middle class stagnated or declined. But a growing body of academic research is suggesting that this benign force’s wicked stepsister, a...
Demos' Rich Benjamin defends the importance of the social safety net to working families struggling to make ends meeting during the recession.
300 years ago, a watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland, fathered a son who became the first powerful voice against inequality in an urbanizing Europe in which the costs of capitalism and private property were already clear. Jean-Jacques Rousseau proclaimed in his Social Contract that men, though born...
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