higher minimum wage

Encouraging though it may be, last Friday’s strong jobs report doesn’t change the big picture: the economic recovery, officially underway since June 2009, is still leaving millions of working Americans behind. Today, a new report from the Alliance for a Just Society highlights the failure of our...
Airports are doing it. Big retailers are doing it. Cities are getting in on the action too. Earlier this month, I even got to see the President of the United States do it. Raising wages for low-paid workers is shaping up to be the hot new trend – and the evidence suggests it will have powerful...
Philadelphia Council authorized a public vote on Bill 130532 last Thursday. The bill amends the city charter to provide better wage protections and benefits for subcontracted city workers. The referendum will appear on the Spring 2014 ballot. Council supported this item unanimously. According...
Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Law and Governance heard testimony on Wednesday supporting charter amendments to extend wage protections for subcontracted city workers. The committee voted in support of the changes and the full Council could vote on it as early as this Thursday. Should it...
A new bill introduced today by Senator Tom Harkin and Rep. George Miller would raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, and more importantly, peg it to inflation so that it would automatically adjust. The proposed wage hike is higher than the $9 per hour proposed by President Obama and is...
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