Great Recession

Americans spurning luxuries in favor of shoveling money into savings accounts. Americans have put themselves on a budget. They're spurning Caribbean vacations, $10 cocktails, and designer coffees in favor of shoveling more money into savings accounts. In the first quarter of 2009, the personal...
The very Americans the Obama administration is hoping will lift the economy out of recession are facing epic challenges. As a result of a sizeable drop in home values, along with over-extended credit and rising unemployment, as many as one in four of the 31 million middle class families are in...
America's poor are being priced out of a market flush with excess eatables. It's an abomination we can fix. The U.S. government's official poverty line in 2008 was $10,590 for a single person, $13,540 for a couple, $16,530 for a family of three, and $21,203 for a family of four. And the Census...
How will the current financial crisis affect average working Americans, and what should they do during these uncertain times? Pace University finance professor Ann Lee, a former bond trader who opposes the bailout proposal, addresses personal concerns about the country's economic mess.   How...
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Watch here Veteran market watcher Robert Kuttner and Wall Street insider William H. Donaldson give their read of the current economic landscape and discuss the risks of the deregulation of the financial industry. Read full transcript here.
Since my mother and I both find the prospect of me moving back home nightmarish, I decided to end our "standards of living: then and now" debate once and for all. I sent her Strapped: Why America's 20- and 30-Somethings Can't Get Ahead, and guess what? It worked! Yes, the Strapped method of...
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