Great Recession

Oregon's middle class is fraying, with well-paying jobs in short supply and the cost of raising a family dramatically increasing. As Bob Herbert, former New York Times columnist and now a distinguished senior fellow at Demos, notes "The American Dream is vanishing before our eyes. Sadly,...
A Silverton think tank said Tuesday that Oregon's middle class faces big issues in coming years. The Oregon Center for Public Policy, in a report called The Fraying of Oregon's Middle Class, contends that well-paying jobs are in short supply as the cost of maintaining a family continues to...
KUOW's Ross Reynolds talks with Demos Vice President of Policy & Programs Tamara Draut.
In order to return employment to pre-recession levels and restore consumer demand, millions of additional jobs must be created. At the pace of current job creation, it would take many years to reach full employment. This report makes the case that we should create jobs for the unemployed directly...
  Frances Fox Piven (professor, CUNY Graduate Center) and Cornel West (professor, Princeton University) hosted a national webcast teach-in addressing the roots of the current economic crisis and what people are doing to fight back this on April 5, 2011. The event was streamed live from New...
NEW YORK – As budget debates continue to play out at the state level, it is apparent that Americans everywhere are still suffering from the long-tail of the recession and need jobs, not austerity measures that will likely reverse emergent economic gains. A new report by the policy center Demos...
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At the White House Jobs Summit, Fellow Robert Kuttner ask President Obama the following question: You know, most of the things that have been proposed today cost money. And there is this concern about the federal deficit. I hope that your administration will recognize, as I know you will, that it's...
Why do today's young adults face steeper financial challenges than their parents did? Ohio's young adults are coming of age in a tough economy, ravaged by a deep recession and further damaged by 30 years of declining opportunity and security for all but the most highly educated and affluent....
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