Free The Vote

Could it really be that the tide is turning in favor of American voters? According to the New York Times this week, the ruling in Pennsylvania that voters will not have to present government issued photo ID to vote is “the latest and most significant in a series of legal victories for...
The historic elections taking place this November will not just decide what candidates win or lose, or even "just" what policy directions our states and country will take. They will also be a test for democracy itself. I served as Secretary of the State in Connecticut during the 1990s, and we had...
As the chart above shows, a remarkable and hopeful trend within the youth vote is the rise of the black youth vote. In 2008, a greater share (63.9%) of black citizens under 30 overcame the unnecessary hurdles of registration than any other youth demographic, and a record 58% voted – the highest...
Earlier this week, hundreds of non-partisan organizations came together for National Voter Registration Day to ensure that hundreds of thousands of Americans will be able to exercise their freedom to vote and make their voices heard this upcoming November. While a 21st century upgrade of our...
Each major election, thousands of volunteers fan out in communities all across the nation to register their neighbors to vote. You may see some of them in your travels today, National Voter Registration Day. Community voter registration drives like these provide an essential service, adding many...
For the first time ever, people around the country who love American democracy have decided to come together to observe a National Voter Registration Day on September 25, 2012 – a day to pull out all the stops in making sure that every eligible voter is registered and able to vote in this...
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