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One of the remarkable -- and depressing things -- about the low-wage economy is how small changes in wages can make a big difference.  If you're a professional, you probably don't even know how much money you make an hour. But low-wage workers know, down to the penny. And what may seem like...
President Obama's proposal last night to raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $9 (from $7.25) is sure to rekindle the perennial debate about whether such an increase will stall hiring for low-skilled workers, or whether small businesses will be able to sustain their payrolls with higher wage...
There are a few worrisome wrinkles in today's otherwise cheery employment numbers. First, mass layoffs of state and local government workers continue unabated, with 20,000 public employees fired last month. Second, the lower unemployment rate is partly due to many workers just giving up the job...
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