In my 40 years covering economics and finance, I've never seen a more alarming disconnect between the economic and the political — or higher stakes. There was an astonishing harmonic convergence Tuesday at a Washington conference on the nation’s economic and fiscal future. Martin Feldstein, Ronald...
Where is Obama? Where is the high-profile Obama speech making clear that the top priority for now is putting America back to work, that deficit reduction will come when the economy is back on track — and that the budget will not be balanced on the backs of those who depend on Social Security,...
In an era of savage budget cuts to the most basic of public services, does it make sense for a state to spend $50,000–$100,000 a year to lock up a cheese thief for the rest of his natural life? Three strikes and you're out has been a sacrosanct part of the California legal system for nearly 17...
Distinguished Senior Fellow Robert Kuttner debates J.D. Foster over how Congress could improve the bailout bill and how much spending is required to jump-start the economy.
Lou Dobbs Tonight Watch here Lou Dobbs looks at how the Fed's stimulus plan ignores the larger deficits we face and is a little too little and a little too late. He then speaks to Robert Kuttner and Jeremy Siegel on exactly what that means to the middle class.
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