Credit Screening

How do credit records affect  Americans?  Credit reports and scores have a direct and growing impact on Americans' economic security and opportunity. They are increasingly being used by insurance companies, employers, utilities and even hospitals for a range of economic decisions despite...
“If you’re out of work for a long time, you have difficulty paying your bills,” says Amy Traub, coauthor of a June report from the think tank Demos that calls for reform of the credit reporting industry. “If potential employers are looking at credit scores, how on earth are you going to pay your...
Home and Car Insurance If you're planning to take out a car loan or apply for a home mortgage, you probably won't be surprised that prospective lenders want to take a look at your credit report. After all, the ostensible intent of the credit reporting system is to use your past credit history to...
After two years of working in a temporary job as customer-service representative, Debra Banks was offered the job permanently. She was sent a hire letter, set a start date, and confirmed her new salary. But there was a hitch: To get the job, Banks had to undergo a credit check. They wouldn't be...
Credit reports are not scrupulously accurate and complete. In recent weeks, a growing number of media reports have highlighted the problems posed by employment related credit checks. The New York Times even warned that "using a credit record as a key factor in hiring could...
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