Unscrupulous financial corporations could make a whole lot more money if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau didn’t stand in their way. Since it opened its doors in 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP) has stood up to credit card companies deceiving customers, mortgage lenders...
Three years ago today the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opened its doors. It was a new government agency produced by the Dodd-Frank Act: part of Congress’ attempt to address the rampant misconduct by banks, mortgage lenders, ratings agencies and other financial institutions that brought...
The credit reporting industry has a profound and growing impact on Americans' economic lives—from whether you can rent an apartment to how much your car loan costs to whether you get hired for a job—yet the entire system falls dangerously short on basic goals of fairness and accuracy. That was the...
When it comes to financial products, the line between employee and consumer often becomes blurry. If your boss insists that you receive your wages on a pre-paid debit card that charges high fees to access your earnings or check your balance it’s clearly a serious employment problem. And yet...
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