Citibank settled the Justice Department’s mortgage market investigation yesterday, agreeing to pay $4 billion in civil penalties, $500 million in penalties to various states and $2.5 billion in “soft dollars” to aid consumers damaged by their pre-financial crisis shenanigans. To reach agreement,...
Income and wealth disparity has emerged as a critical economic and political issue for the US. At its core, it is a discussion of how we measure whether the economy is increasing or decreasing the well-being of Americans as a whole. Traditional measures like GDP growth, the stock market and even...
Last Thursday, while fast food workers walked out on strike across the US and around the world, another group of stakeholders in the industry was making a similarly direct statement about the way these companies do business. At Chipotle’s annual shareholders’ meeting, owners of 77 percent of the...
McDonald’s is losing customers. In the first quarter of 2014 US sales fell 1.7 percent—and that’s after a “challenging” 2013 when the company struggled to keep consumers happy and workers repeatedly walked out on strike. After decades of dominating the fast food industry, something is going wrong...
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