Before the Committee today is HB 496, the No Representation Without Population Act, which would correct within the state of Maryland a long-standing flaw in the decennial Census that counts incarcerated people as residents of the wrong location.
The Ohio Secretary of State (SOS) and the Director of the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) entered into a settlement agreement on November 25, 2009, concluding a lawsuit brought three years earlier by low-income residents Carrie Harkless and Tameca Mardis and ACORN to ensure that...
Democracy Program Director Brenda Wright co-authored (with the American Independent Business Alliance) the following amicus brief.  It was filed in July of 2009. The Supreme Court’s decisions in Austin and McConnell both are premised on the long-standing recognition that “the special...
Demos and Project Vote sent a letter to California Secretary of State Deborah Bowen informing her office that California's public assistance agencies are not in full compliance with the National Voter Registration Act, citing evidence of declining registration numbers at those offices.
The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the LCCR Education Fund filed this friend-of-the-court brief urging the Supreme Court not to void a section of the Voting Rights Act that requires some jurisdictions to get Justice Department approval for changes in election procedures.
Concerned groups The Brennan Center for  Justice at NYU School of Law (“Brennan Center”), Common Cause, Dēmos: A Network for Ideas and Action (“Dēmos”), The League of Women Voters of the United States (“the League”), and U. S. Public Interest Research Group (“U.S. PIRG”), by their...
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