SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher Says Cooperation and Across the Board Commitment Needed to Solve Higher Education Crisis

We wrote this week about how low-income and poor students are being increasingly cut off from public higher education in California. While California is hacking away at higher education access via devasting budget cuts, State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher wrote this week for CNN about New York State's imperfect, but effective approach, for "solving the budget crisis in public higher education."

Zimpher raises many good points in her essay, making it well worth the read. Perhaps the most important point however, is a good bit of common sense she raises at the end. Talking about New York's solution, she says that:

This is a comprehensive approach that requires a commitment from state officials to at least maintain public investment in public higher education, from campus administrators to identify and root out wasteful practices, and from students to pay modest increases in tuition.

The key is that across the board commitment. Something that is unfortunately lacking in California and elsewhere.