Posse Foundation, Vassar College Team up to Support Veterans

Source: Flickr/United States Forces - Iraq

Incriminating photos published this week by the Los Angeles Times of members of the 82nd Airborne Division posing with corpses show how war can twist normal logic and bend behavior beyond reasonable limits. These actions by a few draw attention away from the fact that American soldiers serving in combat zones find themselves in perilous situations over and over again. Yesterday's Black Hawk helicopter crash, which current reports say took the lives of at least four more Americans, loudly proves the point.

Members of the American military deserve and need our support while serving and after they return home.  One of their greatest needs is further education once their military service is done. At a time when a college education is becoming increasingly important, 88 percent of the Army's active enlisted military personnel have only a high school diploma or GED, for example, according to official statistics.

Vassar Colllege and the Posse Foundation have just announced a historic partnership to increase the presence, persistence and successful graduation of veterans from the nation's top colleges. Vassar is the first elite college to partner with the Posse Foundation, providing a motivating example for other schools. Ten veterans selected for the Vassar program will receive full college tuition, mentoring and support through graduation. The cohort model is exceptionally important in creating an additional avenue of support.